Announcing The Birth of Diary of a Yummy Grandmummy!


It’s been so hard keeping THIS news a secret since July…and working on a new blog that’ll be featuring contributions by DIL, after all, were it not for her, there would be no Yummy Grandmummy (that would be ME).

This blog’s not perfect yet and I’ve been putting off the launch because I want it to be PERFECT, but then I realized if I waited any longer, her pregnancy would be over, so I’m launching it NOW although the theme might change at any time.

March 1, 2016 is the anticipated birthday!

The anticipated due date has been revised to February 29, 2016, which would mean that this is a LEAP YEAR baby!

Squeeee! Huzzah! Hooray!

My dynasty lives on in the form of a genetic bond between Angel Boy and Angel Girl!

Angel Boy + Angel Girl = Angel BABY!!!!!

The union of the century between Yale and Brown!

*takes bow*

THIS is what I’ve been working on since we found out in July that we were going to become grandparents.

Oh, you have NO IDEA how obnoxious I can will be.

There has never been another baby born in this entire world that is as special as MY grandchild (sex to be determined).

Them’s fighting words, I know.

But I WIN — hahahaha.

If you had an inkling that I MIGHT have been a sort of Jewish tiger mom, let’s just say you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Our goal is to be informative and humorous, a wonderful combination.

Let the babymaking begin!

P.S. Grandpa Tugboat man couldn’t be HAPPIER!


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