My Planned Parenthood


That’s me on March 22, 1981, blissfully unaware that I’d be in labor later that day, working hard for twenty-four long hours to give birth to the Angel Boy. Keeping me company is Sabrina, my faithful old Border Collie. #TBT

This’ll be my own story, the story of my planned parenthood.

BTW,  if you want to know what kind of mom I am, watch the mom, Beverly, on the Goldbergs.

I am SO her, right Angel Boy?

Around December 1979, I was twenty-five-years-old and decided that this was the perfect age and the perfect time to become pregnant.

Not one to want to leave this most important life decision to chance, my desire was to create the best womb environment for my future baby to grow and be nurtured.

According to Chris Kesser, some researchers now believe the 9 months of pregnancy are the most consequential period of our lives, permanently influencing the wiring of the brain and the function of organs like the heart, liver and pancreas. They also suggest that the conditions we encounter in utero shape everything from our susceptibility to disease, to our appetite and metabolism, to our intelligence and temperament.

Maybe it was a crazy philosophy in the eighties, but I’m progressive that way.

As an inveterate planner, I researched and read every book on the subject of pregnancy, childbirth, and infancy, all of them chosen to support my desire to create a world of love and creativity in utero and beyond.

He was such a WANTED child.

Children should be wanted—not grow up feeling like their very existence is a burden or a mistake, and should know from BEFORE birth that each and every cell and each and every breath they take is LOVED.

That’s one reason why I’m a passionate supporter of  NARAL  and Planned Parenthood.

Back to my story…I stopped taking the pill and switched to a diaphragm to normalize my body’s hormones.

Since I had been vegan since high school, I supplemented my diet with extra high quality veg nutrition and began pre-natal vitamins in advance of the actual pregnancy, with an additional 400 milligrams of folic acid.

And no booze, of course.

My RN mom taught me to monitor ovulation the old school way by taking my temperature (this was pre-technology, you guys!) and kept a chart.

I’ve always been a gym junkie and a ballet dancer, but increased my workouts to include a lot of abdominal exercises so that my muscle tone would hopefully bounce right back after giving birth.

Oh, and a bunch of those all important Kegels, too.

My mom reminded me that it was easier to be pregnant during the winter than suffer in the heat of the summer, so I counted backwards to choose a conception date that would result in a springtime birth.

My best times were between June 14-30, 1980. This would give me a delivery in March and also a couple months of trying if at first we didn’t succeed.

Lest you think my plans were to stop by a clinic and pick out a random male with exceptional genetics, let me assure you that I definitely already had a husband; we were married in 1976 and he was (pretty much) fully on board with this structured and planned parenthood.

(FYI, I’m a force to be reckoned with. When I want something — like a baby or a Chanel handbag, it’s safest for all concerned if you step out of the way…quickly.)

June rolled around with the normal marine layer and cooler temps of a SoCal summer. (It isn’t until August through October that we experience one-hundred-degree heat. Like now.)

The deets aren’t all that important, except to let you know that my plan was successful on the first attempt!


My body felt different right from the start and within two weeks, I went to the doctor for a pregnancy test.

My doc at the time was a man (never again, I only have women docs now) and I remember that he told me there was no way I could know I was pregnant; it was too early, it was only wishful thinking, it almost never happens the first time, but agreed to a test after I nagged him—and called me a few days later with the results (positive) and an apology for doubting me.

If you’re like me (and I’m happy to know I’m not the only one), the CDC has great preconception information. Click here to visit their site.

babyjasonpreg2After all that labor, I was finally delivered via Caesarean section on March 23 of the most gorgeous boy. Read more about that day HERE: I Fell Down and a Baby Popped Out.

And now my Angel Boy is going to have an angel of his own to love and cherish and nurture.

Could there be anything more wonderful?

What’s your conception story?











5 thoughts on “My Planned Parenthood

  1. Since you asked…I also aimed for a Spring baby, because I was a teacher. I also ditched the pill and started charting–still do, in fact. I also nailed the timing first time out, knew it right away, was correct and had an April 1 due date. And I also was delivered by C-section of a perfect Angel boy. Two important differences though: he’s only nine, and I did it two more times after that! Got me some girlies, lol. I will say that charting is the reason we got pregnant when we did all three times. I wanted Spring babies and I have three of them. PS: how on earth were you of all people not aiming for April?? The April birthstone is a diamond…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a GREAT story! You are my conception sister! haha, I was really aiming for May so my baby and I could have a birthday in the same month. Back then I wasn’t all that into diamonds and sparkle like I am now-oh I did love my engagement ring, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve got older and taken it to a whole new level. I think it’s pretty cool that you were a planner too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gabriel came a month early and I missed my April baby. So I made sure that Kate came in April. My mother’s ring will…someday…have two aquamarines and a big fat diamond–that’s the order they came, lucky me!

        Liked by 1 person

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