Big Day, Big News!

Today’s the day of Angel Boy and DIL’s all-important twenty week ultrasound.

Hopefully, my little Angel Baby will be in the right position in utero to determine exactly what’s growing in there.

Not that I have a real preference, although I am partial to little boys (in a totally appropriate way, of course. I know that didn’t come out exactly right lol.)

In my own case, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was going to deliver a boy, and back then there wasn’t the same kind of ultra sensitive technology to actually SEE it,  but I wanted to wait until I delivered to prove everyone right, and I was.

Just last week, my son’s dad and I were discussing how absolutely SURE I was that I was carrying a boy; it’s one of those things I just KNEW but couldn’t tell you why or how I was so convinced.

It’s not like I’m normally very psychic; this was an isolated incident.

When my belly was sliced open for that emergency C-section and they pulled him out, the doctor showed him first to my son’s dad and then to me and when he announced his gender, I was all like, “Whatever, of course; DUH. Now get your hands off of him and give him to me. He’s MINE.”

And that’s pretty much my entire mommy motto right there.

MY baby.



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