BSensible Fitted Crib Sheet

003There are so many new products on the market to make a new mom’s life easier and baby more comfortable.

Picking the right crib sheet is an important task, because the average baby sleeps fifteen hours a day.

How can you ensure that baby gets both the quantity and quality of sleep they need?

In the old days, I had to use a bulky and uncomfortable  rubber mat under the crib sheet, and even that leaked through-I’m happy to learn someone’s created a better way.

BSensible’s Fitted Crib Sheet Select has thought of every snooze worthy detail to earn its status as the Ultimate Crib Sheet!

This super soft, breathable, waterproof, hypoallergenic, and noiseless fitted sheet and mattress protector out performs all other crib sheets so baby – and Mom – can (hopefully) sleep through the night.

It’s a sheet AND a mattress protector. And soft. What a great idea!


The sample I received to try and review is wonderful and I’ll make sure that my first grandchild (a boy!) will have plenty of them so all of his sleeping times will be comfortable, warm, and dry.

**I was sent a product sample to review. All of the opinions are my own.

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