Counting Kicks (and I don’t mean football)

Courtesy of The Bump

It’s week 29 for my DIL’s baby boy and I’m always learning something new; there’s a lot more medicalization of pregnancy than there was thirty-plus years ago.

Is this a good thing?

I think it’s awesome that there’s a great deal of improved technology, whether it’s more specialized ultrasound or genetic testing, but I worry that too many moms aren’t their own best advocates and the science of pregnancy robs mom the JOY out of growing a little human.

It’s nice to be able to enjoy a balance and still feel like you’re important; you’re the nurturer, providing a lovely and safe environment while he grows and until that day he meets the rest of the world and becomes the most loved child EVER.

At this point in pregnancy, it’s time (if you haven’t already) to switch gears and take on the reality of becoming a MOM and all that it means—as a protector, defender, and caretaker of this precious life.


By counting kicks. Fetal movement is an old school but critical method to make sure things are OK.

At this point in a pregnancy, it’s important to keep track of baby’s movements.

**Begin counting when your baby is most active, at the same time every day.

**Push gently on your belly, have a cold drink, or walk around a little if you have to wake up your baby.

**Each twist, roll, or jab counts as one movement. Don’t include hiccups in the total.

**Count until you hit 10 and log on a chart the number of minutes it took.

**If you notice a significant change, or it takes a lot longer than before to reach 10 kicks, or if there is no movement, CALL YOUR DOCTOR immediately.

As I was researching for this post, I found an organization called
Count the Kicks
and they offer a free app to keep track of baby’s movements.

My own baby boy was so active; plus my nurse mom would come over almost daily with her stethoscope and count heart rate and kicks with me, so I never felt there was a moment that he was ever in danger.

This is what being a mom means to me; loving another human so much more than you even thought possible; putting his needs, wants, and desires before your own (or anyone else’s) — with a fierce passion that never dies.



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